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Metric Guidance
Metric Guidance

Get extended descriptions and help with data collection metric definitions and guidance

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Activities Affecting Biodiversity-Sensitive Areas
Activities Affecting Biodiversity-Sensitive Areas (SFDR 2023)
Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Insufficiencies
Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policies
Biodiversity Protection Policy
Chemical Production
Child Labor Risk
Corruption or Bribery Convictions
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy
Due Diligence Process
Emissions of Air Pollutants
Emissions of Inorganic Pollutants
Emissions of Ozone-Depleting Substances
Employee Grievance System
Employee Retention Policy
Energy Savings from Products or Services
ESG-Screened Suppliers
Female-Founded Organization
Fines from Corruption or Bribery
Forced Labor Risk
Gender Wage Equity Ratio
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Avoided
High Water Stress Exposure
Human Rights Policy
Human Trafficking Policy
Intensity of Emissions into Water
Investments in Green Securities
Land Degradation
Low-Income Customer Individuals
New Hires (FTEs)
Non-Recycled Waste Produced
Number of Permanent Managers
Number of Permanent Senior Leaders
Number of Permanent Underrepresented Employees
Number of Permanent Underrepresented Managers
Number of Permanent Underrepresented Senior Leaders
Number of Permanent Underrepresented Vice Presidents
Number of Underrepresented Board Members
Operations Affecting Threatened Species
Organization Founded by Underrepresented Individual(s)
Permanent Employee Departures (FTEs)
Permanent Employees Earning Less Than Adequate Wage
Regeneratively Managed Land: Directly Controlled
Regeneratively Managed Land: Indirectly Controlled
Sustainably Managed Land: Indirectly Controlled
Severe Human Rights Incidents
Soil Organic Carbon: Directly Controlled Land
Soil Organic Carbon: Indirectly Controlled Land
Supplier Code of Conduct
Suppliers with Social or Environmental Certifications
Sustainable Land Practices
Sustainable Oceans and Seas Practices
Sustainably Managed Land: Directly Controlled
Talent Recruitment Policy
Total Water Discharged
Total Water Discharged: Directly Controlled Land
Total Water Withdrawn
Total Water Withdrawn: Directly Controlled Land
Underrepresented Customer Individuals
Water Management Policy
Water Recycled or Reused
Whistleblower Protection Policy
Waste Reduced from Operations
Waste Reduced from Products or Services