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Investments in Green Securities
Investments in Green Securities
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This metric is intended to capture the total amount that the organization invested in EU-defined green securities during the reporting period.

Green securities are defined under the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities. The criteria set out in Article 3 of the EU Taxonomy is used to determine whether an economic activity qualifies as environmentally sustainable for the purposes of any measure setting out requirements for financial market participants or issuers in respect of financial products or corporate bonds that are made available as environmentally sustainable.

Article 3: For the purposes of establishing the degree to which an investment is environmentally sustainable, an economic activity shall qualify as environmentally sustainable where that economic activity:

  1. Contributes substantially to one or more of the environmental objectives set out in Article 9 in accordance with Articles 10 to 16;

  2. Does not significantly harm any of the environmental objectives set out in Article 9 in accordance with Article 17;

  3. Is carried out in compliance with the minimum safeguards laid down in Article 18; and

  4. Complies with technical screening criteria that have been established by the Commission in accordance with Article 10 (3), 11(3), 12(2), 13(2), 14(2) or 15(2).

For more information on the criteria necessary for an economic activity to be classified as 'green', please visit the EU Taxonomy Regulation:

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