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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Avoided
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Avoided
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This metric is intended to capture the total amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that were avoided due to the use of the organization's products or services that were sold during the reporting period.

This metric is also referred to as "Scope 4" emissions avoided.

The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is calculated by subtracting the GHG emissions of the industry alternative product or service, minus the GHG emissions of the organization's product or service. This difference is then multiplied by the units/volume sold to get the total reductions over the lifetime of the product, for all products sold during the reporting period.

Example: If GHG reductions due to each product (e.g., solar panel) over the lifetime of the product is multiplied by each unit of solar panel unit sold, the total greenhouse gas reductions due to products sold can be calculated.

Organizations may use one of the following tools to calculate their avoided emissions:

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