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Extend Data Collection Due Date
Extend Data Collection Due Date

How to extend your data collection due date in the middle of a data collection period or after a data collection period has already ended.

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This article outlines how to extend the data collection due date of your assessment during an existing data collection period or after a prior data collection period has ended. This will allow you data submitters to continue submitting data, or make edits to data they've already submitted in the past.

  1. After logging in, click the ‘Assessments’ button in the left-side navigation menu.

    Quickstart home page where users can navigate to the Assessments page.

  2. Click on the assessment instance (i.e., the "tile" on the screenshot below) for which you would like to change the data collection period due date. Be sure "Outgoing" is selected using the toggle in the top left.

    Assessments page where users can find the applicable assessment instance to extend the due date,

  3. Once you are in the assessment instance, select "Reporting Period" using the left assessment navigation and click on the date picker to the right of Data Collection Due Date.

    Select "Reporting Period" on the left assessment navigation panel and use the data picker to the right of "Data Collection Due Date" to pick the new due date for this assessment instance.

  4. Once you click on a new date in the date picker, you will see three new buttons emerge:

    1. Send Email Notice: Click the send email notice toggle if you want the system to auto-send an email to your data submitters letting them know of the updated due date.

    2. Clear Changes: Click this button to clear your changes and start over.

    3. Update Dates: Click the button to confirm the update of your data collection due date for all of your data submitters.

      Indicate if you want to send an email notice to all of the data submitters letting them know of the new due date, and then click Update Dates to confirm your new due date.

  5. Once you click the Updates Dates button, you will see a confirmation popup notifying you that the changes have been saved.

    Confirmation popup of change to due date.

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