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Data Submitter Launch Email Template
Data Submitter Launch Email Template

Once you send your assessment, you can use this template to notify your data submitters that they should have received an email from Proof.

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Subject Line: REQUIRED ACTION: Sustainability Data Submission

Dear <Entity Name> <portfolio companies, segment leaders, suppliers, etc.>,

On <date of welcome email>, we let you know that <Entity Name> is upping its commitment to improving our social and environmental impact. As a first step, we’ve partnered with Proof to help collect the data to measure our collective impact. We wanted to let you know that the data collection period starts today and will last through <Due Date>.

To submit your data, you will first receive an invitation from the Proof system via email or link, where you will be prompted to set up a user account. If you don't receive this email, please check your spam, or contact Proof at [email protected].

The email and link from the Proof system can be forwarded to anyone on your team to create the first account. You may then invite other users from the Settings tab after creating the first account.

Once you’ve created an account, please follow the steps in the platform to submit your data. The assessment asks for a series of data points that may take time to gather, so be sure to start the survey as soon as possible.

After you create your account by using the link in the email invitation, if you need to log back into the platform to resume your assessment, please use the following URL:

By submitting your data, you will receive access to exclusive sustainability benchmarks from thousands of other organizations, your own digital dashboard for analytics and capital raise, and Proof's Sustainability Community to learn and connect with peers, partners, and investors.

We appreciate your time and commitment!

Best regards,

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