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Data Submitter Welcome Email Template
Data Submitter Welcome Email Template

Before sending your assessment, you can use this template to notify your data submitters that they'll be receiving an email from Proof.

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Subject Line: <Entity Name>โ€™s Sustainability Commitment

Dear <Entity Name> <portfolio companies, segment leaders, suppliers, etc.>,

<Entity Name> is committed to creating a positive impact for both people and the planet through our business. As part of this commitment, we are launching a new initiative focused on measuring our social and environmental impact. This will allow <Entity Name> to better understand our contributions, transparently share progress with our stakeholders, and ultimately become a more impactful organization.

Sustainability Assessment

To fulfill this commitment, we have partnered with Proof, a data intelligence platform, to help collect data on <Entity Name>โ€™s collective impact on a <quarterly, biannual, or annual> basis. Beginning on <start date>, we ask that you please complete the brief online assessment through the Proof platform. Your participation in this assessment and future assessments is critical for <Entity Name> to accurately understand our impact on the world.

By participating, you will receive access to exclusive sustainability benchmarks only found on the Proof platform, your own digital dashboard for analytics and reporting, and Proof's Sustainability Community to learn and connect with peers, partners, and investors.

How to Complete the Assessment

To complete the assessment, you will receive a separate invitation on <start date>, where you will be prompted to set up a user account. You will have until <end date> to complete the assessment. The assessment asks for a series of data points that may take time to gather, so be sure to plan ahead with your team during the data collection period specified above.

We are excited that you are joining us on this mission! Please reach out if you have any questions, and thank you for your commitment!

Best regards,

-The <Entity Name> Team

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