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Join the Movement: Your Passport to the Proof Sustainability Community
Join the Movement: Your Passport to the Proof Sustainability Community

Step Inside Our Online Network - Where Collaboration, Innovation, and Sustainable Progress Converge

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What is the Proof Sustainability Community?

The Proof Sustainability Community is an online collaborative environment designed to help you to achieve your organization's sustainability goals, and to have some fun while doing it!

As a member of the Proof Community, you will:

  1. Connect with fellow investors and entrepreneurs

    👉 Community forums, peer chats, and exclusive meet-and-greet events

  2. Learn from Proof's sustainability experts

    👉 Expert office hours, guest speaker events, and resource libraries

  3. Explore how to better achieve your organization's business and impact goals through ESG+Impact measurement

    👉 Case studies, practical guides and checklists, and templates for reports and investor decks

There are a few ways to enter the Proof Sustainability Community. The easiest way is via the Proof platform.

  1. Login to your account [Learn how to login to your account] and locate the community icon, outlined in red on the image below, on the platform landing page. If you click this, the Proof Sustainability Community should open in a new tab on your browser.

    When you log in to the community for the first time, you will be invited to add some basic details about yourself to optimize your community experience.

    Screenshot of the Proof platform landing page, with the community icon outlined in red.

  2. You can also enter directly via the Sustainability Community link. Head to, and click ‘Continue with Proof’. You should be directed to the Proof platform login page 👉 enter your standard login information here, and you should be redirected to the Proof Sustainability Community.

When you join, we recommend that you engage in the following ways:

  • Introduce yourself! Visit the Say Hello channel to introduce yourself and what you’re looking for from a network of like-minded investors and enterprises

  • Read and Comment on Posts: Head to Sustainability 101 or Regenerative Agriculture 101 for an introduction to all things sustainability and regenerative agriculture. We encourage Community members to engage with content as much as possible, to generate discussion and encourage open sharing. “Liking” or commenting on posts is a great way to indicate that you are interested in similar content in the future.

  • Post a Question, Hot Topic, or Partnership Opportunity: The community thrives based on the engagement of members like you. Check out the “Community” channels to share resources and insights. Have a favorite article you’ve read or a burning question you’ve had recently? Post it and see who else relates or has tips to offer!

Having trouble? Send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll be happy to help.

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